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STEAM Competitions

#STEAMtheBlock Party Pitch Competition

Pitch Competition Guidelines


Applications open on July 1st

Proposal Submission: August 5th

Proposal Submission Requirements:

Business Information

  1. Name of the business
  2. Brief overview of the company
  3. Brief Business Plan including:
  • The Problem You Are Solving
  • Your Target Audience
  • Your Solution
  • Your Business Budget

Presentation Details:

  1. A 3-minute interactive presentation for the judges (Note: No digital presentations; it must be performed on stage at the #STEAMtheBlock Party.)
  2. A hard copy of the business plan for each guest judge (Note: There will be four guest judges.)


#STEAMtheBlock Party T-Shirt Design Competition

T-Shirt Design Competition Guidelines


Application Submission: August 5th


Visual Representation of How You See DC Leading The Way In STEAM Innovation

Submission Requirements:

Digital Formats Accepted: PDF, JPG, or Adobe Illustrator

Categories and Winners:

Junior Varsity Team (Ages 10-13) – 2 Winners

Varsity Team (Ages 14-18) – 3 Winners


All winners will be announced at the #STEAMtheBlock party on August 10th, 2024


Entertainment and Sports Arena

1100 Oak Dr SE, Washington, DC

The Swaliga Foundation is pioneering systemic change through STEAM education.

With a focus on bringing trauma-informed educational resources to the most underserved and underrepresented communities, we’re changing the trajectory of STEAM access for black and brown young people around the world.

Our Impact

  • Youth and Families Served


  • Showed Increased Interest in STEAM


  • Learned Engineering Design Process


  • Countries Impacted